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Michael Trevino Fans

Dedicated to the talented actor from the CW's The Vampire Diaries.

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Fan community for the talented actor who plays Tyler Lockwood on The Vampire Diaries.

welcome to michael_trevino
community overview

Welcome to michael_trevino, your best source for everything Michael Trevino on livejournal. Here you will find photos, news, fanart and more for the talented actor who currently plays Tyler Lockwood on the CW's The Vampire Diaries.

read before posting

1) MICHAEL CONTENT ONLY. Michael Trevino posts only please. Posts about The Vampire Diaries or any of his previous work are allowed as long as they are related to Michael. (For instance, any post about The Vampire Diaries must mention Michael or his character, Tyler Lockwood.)

2) PHOTOS. Please place large photos behind a cut. If it stretches the layout, then it's too big and belongs behind a cut. If you’re posting multiple photos, a preview or a few thumbnails should go before the cut with the rest behind the cut. Also, please indicate the source of the images if possible.

3) FANART. Icons, fanvids, fanfiction and any other fanart is welcomed. Again, they must be related to Michael or one of the characters he plays. For icon posts, please don't post more than four teasers and make sure at least one of them is of Michael or one of his characters. Also, anything NSFW must be placed behind a cut with a warning. When posting fanfiction, please post a summary (and any other relevant information such as the title, rating, warnings, etc.) before the cut and the actual story behind the cut.

4) SPOILER POLICY. Spoilers for The Vampire Diaries or any of Michael's other projects must be placed behind a cut with a warning. Information is considered spoilers until 1 week after the episode airs.

5) PROMOTION. Please don't promote your community without mod permission. You can ask for permission here. (It goes without saying that your community must be related to Michael Trevino.)

6) TAGS. Try to tag your posts to help keep the community organized. If you need help tagging your post or require a new tag to be created, let me know here.

7) BE RESPECTFUL. No bashing of Michael, his projects, other actors, lj users, etc. Please be nice and respect others' opinions.

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